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There's cruising, and then there's expedition cruising. For travellers who consider themselves adventurers and not just tourists, who seek fulfilment from a holiday and not just leisure, and who appreciate the excitement and unpredictable nature of travelling to isolated locales in a unique way, there may be no better way to make use of a holiday than on an expedition cruise.

The Ocean Odysseys portfolio of expedition cruises has been specifically designed for this small niche of travel pioneers. Operated by Silhouette Cruises, one of the most recognised names in live-aboard cruising in the Seychelles, Ocean Odysseys travel programmes are hosted aboard the oceanographic vessel MV Maya's Dugong, an ideal hybrid vessel sturdy enough to autonomously reach the far corners of the globe, while backed by more than a decade of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Granitic Island Eco-Seafari & Nature Cruise (SEYCHELLES INNER ISLANDS)

A 10-night cruise across the most ancient mid-ocean archipelago on earth, which investigates one of the world’s greatest geological mysteries: how did just a few tiny specks of the supercontinent Gondwana come to exist in complete isolation in the Indian Ocean? We’ll look at all aspects of the evolution of the islands, from their very formation to the endemic species that have been cocooned here for millions of years, on land and at sea. And while we’re at it, take some time to enjoy the beautiful beaches, excellent snorkelling/diving opportunities and visits to upwards of a dozen unique islands.



A joint initiative between Ocean Odysseys and the whale shark monitoring programme of the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles (MCSS), this 7-night live-aboard trip in Seychelles aims to combine the intense fun and excitement of swimming with whale sharks amidst the islands’ beautiful scenery, together with the enriching experience of learning more about these massive creatures by participating in actual scientific monitoring work being carried out by the MCSS.

Expedition to Aldabra (SEYCHELLES OUTER ISLANDS)

The most far-flung island in the Seychelles archipelago and the world’s largest raised coral atoll, Aldabra ranks right at the top of the list along with the Galapagos as a ‘must see’ for any avid naturalist. With the world’s largest population of giant tortoises and a host of endemic birds and plants found nowhere else, there will be plenty to do and see on our 7-night expedition to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Northwest Madagascar Wildlife Expedition

Often called “the eighth continent”, Madagascar is a land of incredible natural diversity and beauty, and this is no more evident than along the island’s northwest coast. Wild lemurs, giant chameleons, an unheralded but amazing underwater world and the charm of the Malagasy people we’ll visit in tiny coastal villages are the principle attractions of this expedition, which allows guests to choose from two different 7-night itineraries, or to experience both in one unforgettable 14-night trip.